3 Ways to Save lakhs on VRF/VRV central AC
or Ductable Air Conditioner !

Are you looking for solutions HVAC solutions for your new home or commercial space or are you facing confusion while upgrading your ordinary Air conditioning system to a centralised system?

Stuck between too many options to choose from? Look no further. Javik Planet is there to help you with most appropriate solution for your air-conditioning needs.

Common Mistakes people make while selecting VRF/VRV air conditioner!

RETURN ON INVESTMENT- VRF air-conditioning is sold mostly by highlighting power saving although the return on investment is not justified. You might end up spending 50% more money and you might not even save power during the entire life of the VRF air-conditioning system

HIGHER INSTALLATION COSTING- VRF air-conditioning increases installation costs which increases your spending by33%. This makes the installer earn more money and the client lose money without any specific need.

DESIGNERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS–Most select VRF air-conditioning just based on the demand by the customer without understanding your needs, as most of the VRFair-conditioning systems are bought today on recommendations by friends, architects, advertisements etc.

DESIGNERS DO NOT IDENTIFY THE CORRECT USAGE- Most engineers are unable to understand the premises to be air- conditioned. Commercial spaces such as furniture showrooms, modular kitchen showrooms that do not require continuous cooling and their working hours is also dependent on customers’ visit, can be easily air-conditioned with Non-
VRF systems.

Do not make these mistakes while selecting your VRF/VRV air conditioner!

Design mistakes once made are difficult to fix. It is important to make the right choice. Get it right
with our HVAC experts!

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